Our job has been based on creating and setting up organic fruit and vegetable sectors for deep freezing since 1997.

Each year, we sign our cultivation programs with organic farmers in various French regions, but also with our close European neighbours. Our goal is to offer you a range of high quality and diverse frozen vegetables.

Following which, we take care of all the logistics, starting at the field right till the deep-freezing factories, of our organic fruits and vegetables for manufacturers and distributors of the food industry.

We guarantee the traceability and security of your agricultural raw material supplies, due to strict controls both among producers and on finished products, not to mention our constant presence in the field.

According to FRDP, organic is not a vision which leans on "pesticide free". We are committed to always improving our environmental and societal behaviour, while respecting human rights and working conditions throughout our industry. We promote solidarity among organic agricultural producers. We carry out tangible commitments to guarantee you the best of our products and our values, we make sure to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible and do everything possible to guarantee fair prices for farmers and consumers.

Enriched throught these values, in 2017 we were given the Bioentreprisedurable® label, this label is for committed organic SMEs.