Manufacturer of organic frozen fruits & organic frozen vegetables

FRDP is a manufacturer of organic frozen fruits and vegtables based in the South of France, 100% of the activity has been devoted to organic farming for more than 20 years. The FRDP company was founded in 1997 to support the supply of regional processors with organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Avignon-based SME FRDP Bioregard is managed by Mr. Marc Montluçon, the Chairman and by Mr. Reveniault Vincent, Managing Director and partner who joined the company more than 15 years ago. FRDP's activity was faced with major demand from organic processors, therefore it quickly leaned on the processing of organic frozen fruits and vegetables.

For a few years now, we have seen a strong demand for the supply of organic fruits and vegetables. In order to respond to this market, FRDP has been able to set up strong and secure sectors at a regional, national and European level. We work with local and national producers, but alos on a North/South axis, mainly with Belgium, Netherlands and Spain in order to achieve a wide range ant the required volumes of organic fruits and vegetables.

FRDP with its long-standing partners in Spain has taken over a factory in central Spain, in the Albacete region which freezes organic vegetables such as peas, corn ... This factory will eventually be able to process more than 12,000 tons of vegetables in the middle of the agricultural production area.

15000 tons
Of frozen organic fruits and vegetables
+ 11 %
In annual volume for some years now
90 %
Volumes analysed by an independent COFRAC laboratory
25 years
Of experience
100 %
Of products in organic