Organic Fruit Company & Frozen Organic Vegetables engaged in CSR

Organic farming portrays all the values on which we lean. The experience we have acquired over many years in the field of freezing organic IQF fruits and vegetables has led us to demonstrate that organic prossesses other values besides from the pesticide-free aspect and taking responsible action : 

According to us, organic means adding more humanity into our relationships with suppliers and customers. FRDP is committed to as responsible purchasing policy and maintaining a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with all of the company's stakeholders.

We accompany and support our farmers in their project and we also work on areas for improvement such as food safety and the reduction of our environnemental impact with our many partner factories.

We are committed to marketing only products from organic farming, while controlling waste related to our activity and fighting against food wastage. We yearn to increase the satisfaction of our customers by providing a quality product that meets their requirements. We ensure traceability, control, right from the field till the finished product and the loyalty of our practices is guaranteed through 90% of our volumes, which are analyzed for pesticides by an independent laboratory accredited by Cofrac. Our main business allows us to contribute to a healthy, natural and varied diet.

FRDP si committed to implementing and developing responsible actions, and continuously improving its effectiveness while making sure not to compromise the legacy which we owe to future generations.

Our commitments were formalized in 2017 by obtaining the CSR Bioentreprisedurable® label, which was set up by Synabio and Ecocert based on the ISO26000 standard.