Our know how

Our job consists of creating and establishing distribution channels for fruit and vegetables that are either fresh or have undergone an initial transformation, for industrial use or use in the food industry.

We have contracts with registered agricultural producers in Spain   Italy,Holland,Germany, Belgium and France to supply us with our base products.

Crops are planned according to our customers' requirements from, for example, a specific variety to nitrate levels. 

We then deal with all the logistics and the initial transformation of the fruit and vegetables into purées, chopping into various denominations and freezing depending on the destination of the product.

           We guarantee our customers traceability and the security of having a supply of agricultural          raw materials throughout the year thanks to strict controls both with our producers and with the      final product and a constant presence on the ground


Process to collect french bean in Spain partner producer.Sorter of defective products-Wholesaler in fruit and vegetable by distributor and industry